More money for the money - 6 tips for this fall's conference

Many management groups now sit and do the first planning of the fall start-up conference. Conference rooms, accommodation, some form of team building activity and maybe an external lecturer are booked. When the framework is set, it can all rest after the summer when the purpose is rushed and responsibilities are distributed in the management group and organization.

The question is whether there are any other activities that cost so much effort in working hours and money, which are so well planned in the practical, and at the same time so poorly thought out in a strategic perspective.

Based on the SECI model (Nonaka & Takeuchi) for knowledge transfer, Ekan Management has prepared a framework for how to create better conditions for achieving sustainable development for the company through the start-up conference. If the management team, while booking dates for the conference, begins work on the following six aspects in mind, there are good chances that this fall's conference will pay off many times if:

Identify a clear purpose and goal with the conference - Choose what is most important for the organization to develop in the direction planned.

Be open with goals and expectations before the conference - Communicate goals and expectations before the conference. It provides the opportunity for colleagues to prepare and reflect on the task.

Plan socialization - Think carefully about all types of compositions during the conference. Take advantage of opportunities for group dynamics and challenge employees in their roles.

Develop the silent knowledge - Give employees the opportunity to share the knowledge that is not usually presented in PM and PowerPoint presentations.

Link silent knowledge to future challenges - Use case, role play or scenario analysis to capture how the silent knowledge interacts and influences the intended future direction of the organization.

Creating surfaces for documentation - Prepare digital collaboration sites for documentation. This creates opportunities for interaction during the conference and facilitates feedback and continued work.

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