Ready for the holiday with the right project group

Just before the holidays, it's not just time for summer parties. There are also delivery times. A final or partial delivery belongs to the summer.

The risks of going head-to-head all the way to the last working day are a recurring topic in the media and the proposals for solutions are many. Let me contribute another tip - Work with a project group that is dedicated, dedicated and competent!

During the spring, Ekan Management has begun work on developing new key figures for the service operations at the country's hospitals together with the Best Service network. The assignment extends until the turn of the year and last week it was time for the first major delivery. As with all deliveries, there are risks. What if the client expected something else! Have we overlooked key parts of the mission?

But this time I wasn't particularly nervous. Rather expectant. The project has a fantastic project group that made spring's work a joy. As an external consultant, we have been able to focus on project management, quality assurance and compilation of the project members' deep knowledge of the business. Together we have made each other better!

Therefore, for clients who want both calm days before the holiday and the best possible conditions for creating results, my advice is to: Engage employees in the project who have the time, the will and the ideas. It is their own employees who have the knowledge of the business and who, together with an external temporary force, have the best conditions to create something really good!

Both the project team and myself can now use the final days before the summer to plan the autumn's work. This in turn increases the opportunities for a soft start after sun and bath and a good final delivery in December. In addition, I have had time to do the best part of the project; to write thank you cards to all those who do the work successfully - the project participants.

Happy summer!