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Values and culture for an effective organization

Structure and culture that create control power
In all organizations and companies there is an order with the purpose of describing the way to reach set goals. We often refer to this as structure. The structure consists of i.a. plans, regulations, regulations and policies – internal or external.

In order to achieve control power in an organization, the structure is important, but far from sufficient. Awareness is also required of how the organisation's culture interacts with the structure, since it is the whole that guides managers and employees in both everyday and strategic decisions and actions.

"The discussions around the dilemmas were so appreciated that the group wanted to think about it one more time and see if there were more dilemmas worth addressing."
Stefan Henriksson, IT manager Jönköping University

Assumptions, decisions and actions
The culture of the organization is expressed through the assumptions, decisions and actions that the manager or employee chooses to solve a situation, problem or dilemma, where the structure does not provide guidance. As a guide to our decisions and actions, we take conscious or unconscious support in our values where the prevailing culture is crucial.

The values foundation supports individuals, groups and entire organizations in highlighting the current culture and its relationship to the structure. Based on everyday examples that are adapted to your organization and everyday life, we open up to insights and discussions that create the conditions for change.

"The game opens up discussions where everyone gets involved and gets the opportunity to discuss their views on issues or dilemmas."
Robert Andreasson, Project Manager Kungälv Energy

Situations, dilemmas and sourdoughs
Managers and employees are increasingly faced with situations that require our action without the support of clear regulations or instructions. It is a development that follows as a natural consequence of increased complexity and rapid mobility in our surrounding world.

In addition, we humans unconsciously interpret a text, message or directive differently because we are different and have different backgrounds. These differences are a strength, but can, if not practiced in everyday life, create misunderstandings and conflicts. In the voids that arise there is room for what we usually call the Elephant in the room. Through methodical training, these are prevented and instead encourage a culture built on trust and confidence. Practicing understanding our differences can be both profitable and fun!

Our offer
Ekan Management offers a proven, engaging and stimulating activity that opens up insights, discussions and involves everyone. The value base game can be used as an individual activity or as part of a development project and is carried out by experienced game leaders with an understanding of both the structural and cultural dimensions of an organization.

The game works both in small groups (at least five people) and in larger ones, depending on the layout. Layout and implementation are always adapted to the customer's specific conditions, challenges and concrete situations as well as the purpose that the customer wants to achieve with the support of the tool.