Area of expertise

Customer-focused and value-based process orientation

Value-driving processes in their simplicity
In today's rapidly changing environment, processes form a potent link between strategic goals, operational conditions, and customer demand. Briefly, process orientation is about defining, improving and strengthening this link in order to achieve several benefits, not least:

  • Efficient deliveries
  • A quality and customer-focused culture
  • Strengthened governance and implementation power

Process flows are treacherous in their simplicity – process-orientating your business is both more complicated and far more significant than most people realize. A painting analogy: if the process description is like a map, then working process-oriented is like an expedition into unknown land. It is smart to take professional help with both the preparations and the implementation.

"It is very hard to transform your culture and your workforce to be a relevant company in the digital world if all of your processes are stuck in the traditional world"
Julie Sweet

The success factor for mastering the complexity that process orientation entails is about establishing an ecosystem for value-driving processes that contains:

  • Continuously updated process flows that are in line with customer demand and strategic goals
  • Tools and experience to support business ownership and execution power
  • Defined and relevant KPIs, tailored to the business' conditions and needs

Four components to create value-driving processes
Mapping customer journeys and designing process steps/activities linked to customer value. Structured ways of capturing customers' perception of the value created (Voice of the Customer).

OPERATIONAL ACTION POWER – Build strategic awareness and establish conditions for delegated decision-making and cross-functional implementation.

PROCESS OPTIMIZATION – Ensure a holistic view and avoid suboptimization and support priorities in the matrix organization. Transparent and strategically anchored KPIs linked to set goals.

PROCESS COMPLIANCE – Increase commitment and ensure ownership. Control mechanisms to follow up and support continuous improvement.

Our offer
We help businesses to identify their needs and opportunities and together we realize the potential of a well-functioning process orientation. We do this with the confidence of decades of experience and proven models and methods. Briefly, the work is about:

  • Analysis of and goal setting for the level of process maturity and process orientation in the organization
  • Compliance assessment of current processes and IT tools
  • Challenges the current situation and inspires to open up to new solutions
  • Voice of the customer workshops and customer journey mapping for increased efficiency and accuracy
  • Defines the process organization
  • Implement transformation and lead the change in leadership, working methods, approach and organization
  • Implements an effective process management model
  • Carry out comprehensive process optimizations