Unleash the savings

The market dislikes uncertainty and when uncertainty is high, the tone of the tone becomes blurred and sometimes panic strikes. In this situation, actions are required, but the activities should not be started in a panic - they should be done with the future. This means cutting costs with rapid effect without cutting capacity factors for future growth. 

From a purchasing perspective, more than 10 percent saving with Immediately effect possible. In our experience, organizations can make quick adjustments with focused contract and purchasing management and increase internal collaboration and transparency in order to open up significant savings in a short period of time without impairing competitiveness in the long term. It is for example not uncommon to business save 10-15% on indirect costs in the first year just by using his spend and purchasing power and transform cooperatewhen with the suppliers. Use the opportunity for change beforeis to create power for future growth.

Inactivity and "we-drive-on" can be the wayone to a decline in growth and weaker competitiveness. instead, applies the to work with transparent and value-focused purchasing methods as well as hands-on activities.

Ekan Management's offer: direct purchasing analysis and quick savings

Via one Immediately purchasing analysis where we evaluate whensubmerged, cost structure, methods and behavior, we challenge your organization with an action plan for quick impact. Ttogether we realize the activities that are judged to be the right ones to deliver the fastest savings and long-term customer value.

We help our customers to streamline their purchases, operationally manage their suppliers and optimize their inventory management to realize quick adjustments and savings. Transparency and collaboration, clarity and simple solutions are required to create fast results:

  • Create awareness of the cost structure
  • Run cross-functional Cost-Cut programs, direct consumption and create transparency
  • Create continuous value-focused control of the ecosystem and networks
  • Optimize inventory control
  • Process and follow up the supplier base to focus on results and improvement
  • Intensify business management, control for collaborative business teams

There are opportunities in the business cycle. Conscious choices of activities based on knowledge of current situation and effect in combination with our methods for efficient purchasing and transparency give the power to work in change and at the same time have quick savings effects.

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