Time to register for the Beyond Budgeting Round Table BBRT67

Attention all business leaders! Are you interested in revolutionizing your organization's budgeting process and taking your performance management to the next level? What if we try to predict the future rather than trying to control it based on the past? How can Beyond budgeting principles guide us to take performance and incentive management to a completely different level? Don't miss the conference BBRT67 – Beyond Budgeting Round Table in Barcelona on June 7-8, 2023!

At BBRT67, you will be able to interact with industry experts and leading thinkers on how to move away from the traditional budget-based model, to instead adopt a more agile and sustainable approach to planning and control. The conference will include keynotes, interactive panel discussions and real case studies that will give you practical insights and action options to transform what is likely the most outdated process in your business (budget, anno 1909) .

But BBRT67 isn't just about learning – it's also about networking and building relationships with like-minded leaders who are also driven to change and improve. There are plenty of opportunities to meet and exchange ideas with other business leaders, and collaborate with our distinguished speakers and BBRT core team.

The conference returns twice a year. It is intimate and much appreciated. Seats will run out. The sooner you take this step to establish ties within the network, the faster and better you will also be able to begin your journey of change.

BBRT67 in Barcelona on 7-8 June 2023: Registration is open, sign up here!

If there are any questions or concerns, you are welcome to send them to Hugo Bluhme, contact details here.

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