Ekan on site in Almedalen 2023

Ekan Management returns to Almedalen this year. The situation connected to our areas of expertise is both troubling and highly interesting:

  • The need for dynamic and agile control has never been greater
  • The security situation places higher demands on our security protection than in many decades
  • The state of development in AI means completely new conditions

If you need expert knowledge and perspectives in any of the areas we work in, you are more than welcome to get in touch. We would like to be where the discussions take place.

Carpooling from Gothenburg

Those of us who make it from Gothenburg would like to carpool. We arrange a car and will go Gothenburg-Visby Mon 26 June, and back Thur 29 June. If you want to go along, just contact one of us next door!

On stage about the budget as an obstacle to digitalisation

Tuesday 27 June at 14:00 – 14:45 we will be at Offentliga Affärers stage, Strandvägen, H520. The issue under discussion is if the traditional budget is an obstacle to digitization in the public sector. More information is available here.

We who are there

Lena Helander – Senior management consultant with extensive experience of working with change and development processes at individual, group and organizational level. She has many years of experience in the healthcare sector and works with several government agencies in major organizational development projects. At Ekan, Lena is the business area manager for Leadership & Employee Development.

Ann Palmér – Senior Management Consultant with many years of experience both as a consultant and as an employee in operational management. She is an expert in business development around project, program and portfolio management, transparency and analysis of businesses and long-term sustainable social development. At Ekan, Ann is the business area manager for Community Development.

Andreas Hagberg – Senior management consultant with focus on strategy, business and operational development, governance/management, organization and management reporting/BI. He holds a doctorate in business administration from the School of Economics at the University of Gothenburg. At Ekan, Andreas is the business area manager for Property & Energy.

Johan Frisack – Senior management consultant with specialist competence in municipalities and regions, he helps businesses develop and implement control models and management processes with a focus on key figure follow-up and benchmarking in quality and finance. At Ekan, Johan is the business area manager for Municipalities & Regions.

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