For us at Ekan Management, it feels good to be able to contribute. Not only for our clients that we work with every day, but also for other businesses and ideas that we are passionate about. Sustainability is a aspect of quality - by contributing to - and being in a sustainable context, we contribute to future profits for everyone. Our sustainability work must therefore actively contribute to The global goals, and to increased resource efficiency. We also want our clients, our employees and our owners to feel proud to be part of Ekan Management's business.

Our contribution consists of both financial support and pro bono work. Today, we support, among other things, the following organizations:

  • Gothenburg School of Business
  • Opportunity Day
  • Gothenburg City Mission
  • Stockholm City Mission
  • Kiva

Ekan Management is also a member of CSR West Sweden where companies collaborate to improve their operations from a CSR perspective. Conferences, skills development and communication with the watchword "Global responsibility through Local Development".

We are graduated according to SUSA (formerly Swedish Environmental Base). Feel free to take part in our sustainability policy.

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