Area of expertise

The complete training in process management

Over the years, we at Ekan Management have developed a broad competence in process orientation, process management and process development. Uncovering the business processes and describing them in a way that both creates an overview and provides guidance is in itself an art form, but it is only a small part of what is required to succeed in the role of process manager, and for a business must be able to benefit from the process perspective. Other parts that we see must be ensured are i.a. leadership, effective teams, systems thinking and change management.

The most complete process management training in Sweden?

Based on the demand in effective process management, we have developed one of the market's most complete process management courses. The training is based on the basics of process-based working methods and strengthens competence and the ability to lead and develop processes. All parts of the training lead to increased opportunities to create efficient processes and a structure to lead the work with continuous improvements of processes.

The training is carried out over 5 full days. Between training sessions, participants are given homework to solve, individually or in groups, with the aim of reflecting on content and new knowledge in the role of process manager. The course leaders are available to support the participants in the work with the homework.


  • The participants acquire concrete tools for mapping, modeling and analysis of processes, which can be directly applied in working life.
  • The training provides a unique combination of knowledge in process goals and follow-up, and how these are integrated with traditional line work.
  • The course also provides insights and training in leadership and change psychology, including topics such as trust-based governance, change management and group dynamics.

The training not only gives the participants knowledge and tools, but also self-insight and security in the role of process manager. With support from experienced course leaders and the opportunity to apply newly acquired knowledge in practice, participants become equipped to lead and drive processes towards change and development.

What do the participants say?

In the fall of 2023, we started providing this training to employees and managers in Region Skåne. The first litter was ready in January 2024 and just in time for midsummer the third litter will be ready. The feedback has been very good – 4.5 out of 5 after evaluation in Menti directly on site. Some quotes:

This was the best course I've taken, good mix between theory and practice

The course has given me concrete tips in everyday life

Deep competence of the course leaders and varied structure

Good division of process and leadership. Lots of good exercises to take away from the day


If you are interested in this training, or a customized version - please contact us at Ekan Management. We are happy to come out to your business, and we can also provide training premises with us. The training can be adapted based on your needs.