Public activities

Ekan Management has always been a valued supplier to clients in municipalities, regions, government agencies and authorities. Our way of working with challenge our customers, engage both conditions and employees in solutions, and efficiently transform desired results in the business, fits well with the culture and conditions in public business.

Ekan Management has blanket agreements with all government level agencies through Kammarkollegiet regarding both business and organizational development as well as managerial and employee development. See our framework agreements within public activities.

Our services are often linked to one or a combination of the perspectives:

Dynamic management models - For over 30 years, we have developed and implemented agile models for governance and management in public businesses. The law does not stipulate that public activities need to be governed based on outdated and rigid principles. Ekan Management is a thought leader in Sweden within Beyond budgeting and dynamic management.

Effective culture and holistic leadership - Values, culture, leadership and cooperation are often decisive factors for conditions to turn into results. Ekan Management offers several of the country's best coaches, trainers, and group and leadership developers.

Digital management - We are in the middle of a digital development leap for public businesses. Ekan Management's experts in digitized public administration have carried out several large requirements setting and implementation projects that have entailed a completely new tomorrow's reality for our customers.

Business development - Effective adaptability is crucial for an adequate community service. Creativity and the power to change are multifaceted abilities that, among other things, require a combination of leadership, structure and innovative thinking. Those very parts happen to be Ekan Management's strongest abilities.

Take advantage of our offers and our experience. We look forward to learning about your challenges and having the opportunity to work with them.