Blanket agreements

All our current blanket agreements with public businesses:

General blanket agreements with the Swedish public authorities, Kammarkollegiet

  • Kammarkollegiet all government agencies, Management services
    • Investigation, management and operational management (ULV)
    • Development manager and employee as well as strategic competence supply (KLA)

Blanket agreements with certain governmental agencies and authorities

  • The Swedish Companies Registration Office, IT assignments and assignments related to IT
  • Fortification Agency, Support within GIS, BIM, Real Estate Systems and Geodesy
  • CAA, IT consultancy services, part Business development and strategy
  • The Digital Management Authority (DIGG), Framework agreement for consulting services
  • Parliamentary Administration Tutoring, Tutoring Groups and Individual Tutoring


  • Stockholm city
    • Evaluation and investigation services
  • Stockholm City, City Management Office
    • Management Consultants
    • Individual coaching, Development efforts for managers. managers and employees
    • Team and group development, Development efforts for managers. managers and employees
  • Stockholm City Traffic Office, Consulting services within management, project methodology and technical support
  • The City of Gothenburg
    • Manager and employee development, part B Manager guidance / manager coaching
    • Manager and employee development, part E Employee development
    • Business and Organizational Development (Area A)
  • Gothenburg City Traffic Office, Consultant Support Controller
  • City of Malmö, Management and Organizational Consultants, D. Management and leadership development
  • Kungsbacka municipality
    • Business and organizational development
    • project
    • Leadership
    • Employeeship


  • Stockholm Region, Consulting services in strategy and management as well as financial and financial services
    • Omr. C - Change support
    • Omr. D - Financial management and financial processes
  • Region Uppsala, Consultants group and individual development and evaluation
  • Region Västra Götaland,
    • Manager and group development
    • Strategy and management
  • Region Västmanland
    • Strategy and management
    • Finance and finance

State owned companies

  • Akademiska Hus, Management consulting services

Municipal companies

  •  MKB Fastighets AB, IT consultants
  • Sinfra, Management Consultant

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