Change of real estate system and financial system at the same time

Digitization is today a basic prerequisite for all business development. To change a system (either financial or real estate system) is a big job. Att change these two at the same time is comparable to a heart and lung replacement in a real estate company. It makes great demands on the organization as a team of competencies, experiences and one willingness to explore.

The customer: The customer is a medium-sized Swedish municipality and its public housing company with ambitions both in terms of sustainability, quality and growth. 

The customer's challenge: The existing system support reaches end-of-life, with significant impact on both the housing company and the municipality. The time aspect is also a big challenge as more and more of the existing property systems are no longer supported or further developed. New economic and real estate systems also affect many stakeholders – residents, users and several actors within the municipality. Without a functioning and developable system support, many good development initiatives are hindered. 

Our solution:Ekan Management staffed the assignment with a team consisting of project managers, project manager support and expert competence within real estate companies' finance and management processes. The starting shot consisted of a needs analysis in the housing company and the municipality's units. 

  • Existing and future needs are mapped 
  • Strategic direction and effect acquisition are described 
  • Design of a functional and secure IT environment is defined. 
  • Benchmark in the market regarding solutions and effects. 

Publish the results of the needs analysisis a necessary input in an introduction project. 

The implementation project includes: 

  • A requirement specification containing functional, information security and IT-based requirements. 
  • Change management activities both in the project and the line operations to understand and develop future working methods and system solutions.  
  • Building digital maturity to be able to find the way forward after a new system solution is in place. 

The result 

The project resulted in a mature and adapted organization that has the right conditions to take care of and continue to develop the business digitally. It also made it possible for cooperation to be achieved on several levels between the municipality and its companies. In addition, a clearer and more adapted solution for communication between the tenant/user and the housing company was made possible.