Per Brantsing Karlsson

Per Brantsing Karlsson is an experienced management consultant and leader with, among other things, 20 years of experience as IT manager/CIO within one of Sweden's largest real estate companies. Basically, Per is a trained economist from Handels in Gothenburg. However, he has spent most of his career as an IT manager developing digital capabilities and services within the framework of the property company's various processes. In that role, he has developed and adapted both himself, colleagues, suppliers, technology and security to access the opportunities that digitization brings.

Today, Per often takes on the role of a strategic advisor to leaders at the executive level, but also handles operational issues in the areas of IT, finance, security, business follow-up, and in the borderland between them. Among other things, Per has solid experience in setting requirements, procurement, implementation and management of systems linked to property company processes - both as a consultant and client. Per is also hired, among other things, to develop and implement framework crisis models and processes for structured risk management according to the requirements of ISO 27002.