WEBINAR: 5 tips for improved planning and follow-up

(This webinar is in Swedish) In times of uncertainty, there is a great need to develop the control processes so that they become more dynamic and atuned to the current reality.

The budget that was drawn up six months ago is probably completely out of date at this point, and can at best serve as a reference point for some kind of normal situation. More and more organizations are being forced to abandon their latest forecasts. But while there are challenges in these times of uncertanty, there is much to be gained from making fairly simple changes for meaningful governance.

Sign up for a free webinar that provides business management perspectives and delivers 5 tangible tips on how to improve planning and follow-up in times of uncertainty. The webinar is a collaboration between Ekan Management and Mercur Solutions. The webinar is in swedish.

Day: May 26, 2020

Time: 10.00-10.45 with time for questions afterwards

Where: Webinar. From your computer, smartphone or tablet

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