The Budget Game Tour

The budget is often a basic instrument in a public activity. It is perceived by many as a guarantor of order and order in the distribution of resources. But the budget in most cases leads to resources being consumed without creating enough value.

At Ekan Management, we believe that there are few things in the public sector that cost so much and deliver as little value as budget work. Some perceive this statement as provocative, but many others have carried this thought for a long time.

  • What exactly is the problem with the budget?
  • What is the alternative?
  • Is it even possible to change the view of, and work with the budget?

We are going on a small tour in 2022 to have the opportunity to discuss this and answer these questions. The tour is called The Budget Game Tour. We will visit three of the largest trade fairs in the public sector. Here we will set up a game table in our booth where we invite you as a participant. At the game table, we want to create interesting discussions and insights easy ways - both for us and you as a visitor. Take the chance and visit us!

You can find our stand at:

If you do not have the opportunity to come to the table, just let us know!

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