Appreciated seminar on the generation shift

The day started with a few words from Ekan's CEO, Dag Larsson. Subsequently, Petter Spanne, management consultant at Ekan, took the floor and did a deep dive into the results that emerged from the two questionnaires conducted by Ekan in the fall of 2010. After the audience gained a deeper understanding of the generation change and its challenges, an interesting discussion followed with it. naming panel, consisting of:

  • Finn Wikander - CEO, Nova 100
  • Sanna Dahlgren - CEO, HandelsConsulting
  • Christian Sandblom - Process Manager, Future Leader, Gothenburg Region Municipal Association (GR)
  • Kerstin Andersson - Vice President, IL Recycling
  • Gunnar Eriksson - Director of Dental Care, Folktandvården Västra Götaland
  • Per Jernow - Responsible West Swedish Chamber of Commerce's business network
  • Joachim Berner - Owner Christian Berner Invest and board member of FBN, The Family Business Network

During the panel discussion, participants were given their views on the generation shift and how they work in concrete ways to meet the challenges of attracting and retaining staff and to create structures for the transfer of skills in the organization.

Thanks to the different backgrounds of the panelists, wise analyzes and good examples from several different perspectives were offered.

After the seminar, many people lingered to ask questions to the panel and to make new contacts. Our goal of raising awareness about the issue and lifting the generation shift on the agenda also seemed to be fulfilled.

We would like to extend a big thank you to our panel and to all of you in the audience who contributed to a very successful seminar.

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