Beyond Budgeting in Stockholm March 13-14

This year is 20 years since the network Beyond Budgeting (BBRT) was founded in the UK by Jeremy Hope, Robin Fraser and Peter Bunce. The network was initiated in response to the inability of traditional control tools to lead today's companies and organizations to success in an increasingly fast-paced and complex environment. The basic values in Beyond Budgeting largely follow the Scandinavian management philosophy, with delegated responsibility and effective control systems as the foundation.

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary, Anders Bouvin, CEO of Handelsbanken, has offered to arrange this spring's European network meeting at Handelsbanken headquarters in Stockholm, March 14. As the network's representative in Sweden, we are on Ekan Management very proud to be able to present the following impressive list of speakers that includes both established Beyond Budgeting companies as well as new organizations and ideas.

  • Anders Bouvin, CEO, Handelsbanken
  • Bjarte Bogsnes, BBRT chairman and Senior Advisor Performance Framework, Statoil
  • Robin Fraser, BBRT co-founder
  • Darren Cornish, Aviva, Group Director and Head of Global Systems Thinking
  • Tom Thomison, co-founder Holacracy and

The day before, March 13, a half-day introduction to Beyond Budgeting will also be arranged at Folkets hus on Barnhusgatan.

More information can be found on the BBRT website via the following links:

Introduction to Beyond Budgeting, March 13

Network Meeting Beyond Budgeting, March 14

If you are interested in participating in any of the days, you can also contact us at Ekan Management directly:


Mobile: 0768-985207

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