Framework agreement with the Court of Justice

Ekan Management has, as one of five suppliers, been awarded framework agreements with courts Administration, a government agency that is governed by the government and serves as a service organization to all the courts in Sweden. The framework agreement includes consultancy support within the management area with a focus on organizational and business development. The contract period is one year with the possibility of extension for up to four years.

The Court of Justice works with administration and development for the Swedish Courts. Approximately 320 people work in the Court and the authority is located in Jönköping. The Court's duties include to be responsible for overall coordination and common issues within the Swedish Courts. For example, in matters such as local supply, technology and security, staff development, education and information, preparation of regulations, advice and instructions and to ensure that the business is conducted efficiently and easily accessible to citizens. The goals that the National Court of Justice has to fulfill include, among other things, an efficient and appropriate allocation of resources, to promote increased cooperation both within the Swedish Courts and with other authorities, as well as being driven and supportive in reform and change work in the courts.

Dag Larsson, CEO of Ekan Management comments on the new framework agreement:

“Ekan Management has long experience of supporting state authorities and administrations in organizational and business development. We are very much looking forward to contributing to the National Court of Justice and the Swedish Court of Justice's interesting and important development work. The Court of Justice, with its coordinating assignment, is in many ways a unique and exciting player in one of the core areas of the state's operations, the judiciary. It is with pride and great confidence that Ekan Management starts this new business relationship. "

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