A consultant from Ekan Management becomes a PhD student at Chalmers

Personal development is important to us at Ekan and makes us who we are, because how else could we create tomorrow's reality? Therefore, we find it gratifying that our consultant Daniel Gyllenhammar will take a leave of absence to start a PhD in Quality Management and Business Excellence Models at Chalmers University of Technology.

This is how Daniel responded when we asked him what he felt before starting to do his PhD

“Really going to be exciting. I think it is a luxury that I can immerse myself so intensely in something I am really passionate about, while still being able to keep one foot at Ekan. I will peek past the Ekan office a little now and then, have a coffee, maybe hang out with some AW. Partly to keep in touch with colleagues, but I also hope to be able to share my research with my colleagues, so that Ekan's customers can also benefit from it. It is an important part for me that research not only stays in academia, but that it is also used in society. In that respect, I find it difficult to come up with better messengers than my colleagues at Ekan. I hope and believe that it will give a lot to both me and Ekan. Think it feels really good with this arrangement. "

We look forward to taking part in Daniel's research, say goodbye and good luck!

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