Governance with confidence in the Almedalen

On Sunday, it is time again for the Almedals Week, the world's largest democratic meeting place for social issues. Ekan Management is in place and we look forward to many interesting meetings with old and new acquaintances. During Tuesday we will be contributing a seminar on the theme:

Trust-based governance in the public sector - what can we learn from business? 

Culture, governance and work organization are the cornerstones of the framework for trust-based governance. In the business sector, there are a number of companies that have long worked according to similar principles and have for a long time shown good results in terms of customer benefit and staff satisfaction. What are the lessons? 

participants: Dag Larsson, CEO of Ekan AB, Rikard Olsson, Business Area Strategy & Governance Manager at Ekan Management

moderator: Bo Höglander, Editor, Public Affairs

Time and place: Tuesday, July 3, 11 am-11.45am, Public Business Tents, Wisby Strand, Strandvägen 4

For the entire Public Affairs program, follow the link: Public affairs - Almedals week

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