More efficient handling of safety information at the Swedish Maritime Administration

Maritime Administration is responsible on behalf of the Swedish government for accessibility, accessibility and safety at sea. This includes monitoring and informing shipping about information that is important for safe traffic in Swedish waters. This means issuing navigation warnings, communicating weather information, handling incidents at sea as well as reporting bugs and buoys, etc.

In the spring of 2014, the management initiated a project with the aim of streamlining the management of security information in order to avoid a situation involving a lot of duplication, lack of system support and difficulties in searching for information. In addition, those who work with this type of information are highly educated, which means that they want to use their knowledge and ability in the best possible way, for qualified assessments instead of unnecessary administration.

The start of the work was a needs analysis to identify problems and the desired effects. Two years later, the operators of the Sweden Traffic function were able to celebrate replacing old ways of working with new more efficient workflows and well-functioning system support. In retrospect, this sounds like a simple journey, but initially a series of analyzes of operations and system support were done before the project was aimed at developing a system support from the ground up in-house. The implementation of the project was carried out iteratively, where the activities together with a system development team drove the work forward based on the project goals and impact goals set for the project. The agile way of working meant that the company could see the system grow and be involved in influencing the design and functions within the project framework. This resulted in users who were very satisfied with what was finally delivered and put into operation.

The week after the system was put into operation, the following comments were made regarding both the working method and the system:

"Visible results, easy to prioritize and it creates participation"

"The system is addictive"

"It's suddenly fun to get a bug report"

The client and steering group for the project also express that the agile way of working has been a success factor:

“I am also grateful that, as a client and co-worker, I got to experience the“ perfect ”project. Sweden Traffic Management Tool was the project name that has now given us the operational operating system Sea Traffic in Södertälje. The project has been carried out throughout, professionally, according to plan and within the framework of the directive with an outstanding commitment from all involved. The system will now be evaluated, but measurable efficiency improvements can be reported directly. " (Bengt-Åke Larsson, Business Area Manager Maritime Communications and Project Client)

We're on Ekan Management has had the privilege of contributing in the work from start to finish in the role of project manager, business analyst, method support and requirements and test managers.

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