Future Finance describes the potential of the finance function

On Wednesday 24 March, the third webinar will take place in Ekan Management and the Beyond Budgeting Institute's webinar series on Dynamic management models. The topic this time is Future Finance - Prerequisites for a smarter and more proactive finance function. We took the opportunity to ask some questions to one of the moderators, Rikard Olsson who shares his time as a management consultant at Ekan with the role as CEO for Beyond Budgeting plc.

Hi Rikard! You and Annica Delin will hold a lunch webinar on March 24 with the title "Future Finance". Impressive sounding alliteration, but what is it actually about?

- Alliterations in all glory, but the webinar will focus on the journey that a finance function, or for that matter any other management support function, needs to make in order to stay relevant in the future. Put simply, it is a matter of ensuring that you have the right form of organization, competencies, approaches to management and governance as well as systems and optimized processes for the task. Described like this, it may sound simple, but an exciting thing about this question is that it is a bit decieving. Although some parts can be perceived as intuitive and self-evident, during practical transformation many realizes that there is also a lot in the traditional way of thinking that is challenged on a fundamental level. It takes creativity, attention to detail and not least courage to succeed. As is often the case with real tranformations.

Is there "Old Finance" too then? What problems or challenges do you see that traditional support functions struggle with?

- There may even be far too much Old Finance. If I further develop the reasoning in the previous question, it is, for example, that organizations lack enough control of management information processes. For more information on this, I'd recommend this webinar about BI that focus a lot on exactly this. We also see that organizations do not use existing modern systems in the right way - and fail to realize the importance of how to organize a future-proof and relevant financial function.

What will the participants take away frpm the webinar?

- Hopefully many new insights on how to develop from Old Finance to Future Finance. I can also promise some pretty practical recipes on how to get started. Participants will also have access to some exclusive material that we send out afterwards.

When is the webinar and how do I register?

- The webinar is at lunchtime from 12-13 on March 24. Registration is made with our partner 1Company.se.

This webinar is part of a series of webinars. Each part is independent but all are connect to the common theme Dynamic management models. Read more about the webinar series, and take part in previous webinars here.