Internal pricing of rents in the municipality

October 15-16 participates Ekan at the conference Internal pricing of rents in a municipality held in Gothenburg and arranged by Conductive. During a half-day workshop, we will teach you how to strategically work to design the best pricing model of rents in your municipality.

During the conference you will receive the tools to create more accurate forecasts for future local needs so that you do not have unpleasant surprises in the future. Listen to the municipalities that have come the furthest from work and share their best tips and experiences!

From the program

Market-, function- or self-cost model for internal rental - which is best for your business? Hans Lind, Professor of Real Estate Economics, Royal Institute of Technology

Increased cost awareness through clear visualization of costs and internal rent Anders Höglund, local controller, Haninge municipality

Strategic local resource planning for efficient resource utilization Lars-Inge Andersson, Unit Manager Local Resource Unit, Borås City

More information can be found in conference program.

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