Management Innovation in Berlin

On June 13 arranged European Networking Group a two-day conference - Operational Excellence for the Modern Enterprise. The location was Berlin and the participants came from all over Europe and the USA. Ekan Management's Rikard Olsson was the representative for Beyond Budgeting Institute a much appreciated interactive lecture on the topic Management Innovation - Beyond Budgeting. Rikard challenged established principles and processes within Performance Management and contributions to many new thoughts on the part of the audience, for example, about what really marks a good performance. The presentation contained both theoretical models and practical examples from, among other things Statoil, Handelsbanken and Consillium.

Other keynote speakers at the conference were representatives from Lego, Philips, Sodexho and Air Berlin. The common denominator was how these companies in different ways used modern business management to create efficiency, increased productivity, better customer experiences and attractive workplaces.
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