Migration - Threat or Opportunity?

Between 2 and 9 July, it is time for this year's edition of the Almedals Week. During week 27, politicians, the media and holders of both public and private sectors meet every year with curious citizens in the Almedalen smelting pot to debate social issues and make contacts.

In recent years, Ekan Management has been involved in a number of initiatives aimed at supporting organizations to highlight the importance and impact of migration on the agenda. Migration, has had its utmost consequence after 2015, and is a challenge that places great demands on the entire public system. The average time for foreign-born people to come into employment is 7 years according to calculations made. What does this mean in relation to the establishment support? Those who have been granted a permanent residence permit will receive an establishment allowance for a maximum of 2 years which requires a personal establishment plan drawn up by the Employment Service.

A decisive factor for the establishment process to have a better effect is that the collaboration between business and public activities becomes much clearer, inclusive and targeted. The consequences of not getting this group into employment will reinforce an already critical situation of exclusion and parallel societies. In addition, resources that can contribute to Sweden's future are being wasted.

During the Almedals week, on Tuesday, July 4th, this important dialogue continues as we, together with the property owners GFR, organize a round table discussion on the theme "Cooperation between business and public sector: Migration - Threat or Opportunity ”.
How do we view migration and what significance and impact will it have on business development and public operations? What's missing? "

If you would like to know more about the roundtable call, contact ulf.tengroth@ekan.com, 0705 890 300

Hope to see you in the Almedalen!

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