Ekan Management initiates collaboration with KTH Hyperloop

In November it became clear that Ekan Management becomes KTH Hyperloop's new sponsor. The sponsor role means that Ekan Management will step in and support KTH Hyperloop during their journey towards Hyperloop Pod Competition in the USA during 2020. Ekan Management enters the collaboration with KTH Hyperloop where Ekan's contribution is to support project management methodology and to challenge the student team to their next level. Together we wish to create tomorrow's means of travel and reality. 

About the new collaboration, KTH Hyperloop says:

With Ekan Management's expertise in innovation and leadership, we believe that the collaboration has the potential to lead to improvements in all levels and functions of the organization. Efficient and integrated processes, developed leaders and a strong relationship with Ekan Management are some of the things KTH Hyperloop hope to achieve with this collaboration.

The press release was sent with Mynewsdesk