"Effective BI is a prerequisite for agile and dynamic management"

March 11, Ekan Managemnet's Helena Blomberg and Malin Wennebrogives a webinar in collaboration with 1Company. The topic is BI as it should be - and how to achieve it. We took the opportunity to ask Helena Blomberg, senior management consultant, a couple of questions, running up to the event.

Hi Helena! You have worked with these issues for many years and in many different types of businesses. Why do you find Business Intelligence (BI) interesting?

- We generally see that companies do not suffer from a lack of information, but often there is no strategic model for the information to create value in the end. I'm driven to help close the gap between what BI could be, and what it actually is. What is troubling is that it both drives unnecessary time for a lot of people and that the outcome becomes substandard decision-making. Here I actually want to stick out my chin and say that most organizations are not even close to having an effective BI solution and it is very rewarding to be able to help turn this around!

Already a week before the webinar, you have broken records in the number of entries - Why do you think the interest is so great for BI right now?

- I believe that what has happened in our world over the past year has raised the thoughts of agile and dynamic steering higher on the agenda. And an absolute prerequisite for this is that you keep track of your figures and your business information in order to be able to obtain quality-assured and appropriate decision-making material. The information must be quickly and easily accessible in order to be able to act on the basis of changed circumstances. Then I think that many people may feel frustrated at having made large investments in new and good systems that they still could not really reap the benefits of.

Without revealing too much about the webinar next week - what is usually the most important thing to start with if you want to create an effective BI?

- It feels a little sad to have to answer "it depends", but it is actually so - it all depends on the initial situation. In some cases you have processes and structures in place and need to supplement with a good system solution, in other cases you have a good system solution but have not really got to processes, information structures and / or ownership. But regardless, the key is to see BI as an ecosystem where you need to consider all perspectives, even if you do not need to work actively with all parts. This sums up the fact that a thorough needs analysis is extremely important!

Is the webinar full or is it still possible to register?

- Lol! No, it's one of the nice things about webinars - the number of places is not limited, so just sign up if you are interested.

The webinar will be held live March 11 at 12-13 and is free. Sign up here.

This webinar is part of a series on the theme Dynamic governance that Ekan conducts together with Beyond Budgeting Institute (BBI) and 1Company.se. More information at ekan.com.

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