The Chefoscope strengthens managers' conditions

Ekan Management has just received a new assignment to implement the Chefoscope at a medium-sized Swedish municipality. We sought out Helena Karlsson, senior management consultant at Ekan:

What is the Chefoscope?

The Chefoscope is a tool developed by Sun working life. It is aimed at management teams who want to understand and develop managers' organizational prerequisites within public activities. What we strive for is overall:

  • Good quality and efficient operations
  • Good working environment for both managers and employees
  • Increase the attractiveness of the management profession - strengthen the supply of skills

What is the strength of the chefoscope?

The Chefoscope is a simple tool that is based on extensive research into managers' organizational conditions to carry out their mission and feel good at the same time. The work involves all the organization's managers and results in concrete improvement activities for different levels in the organization.

In short, Chefoskopet gives the organization:

  • An overview of the research on managers' organizational conditions.
  • An overall picture of how managers in the business feel - how they perceive the balance between demands and resources, how they allocate their working time and what communication channels and support look like.
  • Insights into how you can improve your managers' conditions.
  • Support for managing your development work.

What can a bet on the chefoscope look like?

The implementation of the Chefoscope takes between 8-14 months and consists of two parts:

  • A knowledge section that is aimed at management groups at an overall level and preferably also relevant committees/boards that aim to understand, explore and change the organizational conditions.
  • An implementation part with a defined program and a ready schedule. In this part, a fact-based basis is first developed through surveys and interviews about the managers' conditions. Based on the consensus that the basis provides, measures and improvement plans are then defined.

Are you curious about the Chefoscope or do you see that your business also has similar challenges? Welcome to contact Helena Karlsson.

The Chefoscope is produced by sun work life, who owns the copyright to the tool.