The company boards are the locomotive out of the pandemic

Retained jobs and good financial results, despite the pandemic, are a good rating for many company managements in many industries. Perhaps not least in the technology-heavy industry that is so important for both business and society at large.

Sweden's large companies have demonstrably consistently managed to navigate this crisis, despite gloomy tones in the first phase of the pandemic. In the sensitive situation in which both Sweden and the world find themselves, there is undoubtedly a continuing great responsibility on the management of the large technology-heavy companies, as this sector must now act as a locomotive at a time when society is in great need of tax revenue.

Ekan and StyrelseAkademien in collaboration

Volatile, fast-moving and unpredictable markets require fast-paced, digitalized and agile companies. In the end, this means that corresponding expectations are placed on the companies' boards. The demands for initiated and proactive board work have never been greater.

In these times want Ekan Management and StyrelseAkademien Västsverige (SAV) contribute to supporting and developing the important work of boards and company managements. Ekan Management and SAV have therefore initiated a collaboration where Ekan brings with it its long experience of operational corporate governance based on dynamic governance models and SAV in its place its solid experience and knowledge of professional board work. Dag Larsson, CEO Ekan Management, highlights the importance of getting the board on the way out of the pandemic:

Development and adaptation in a new era must initially be understood and accepted by the board to provide power and enforcement. In several areas, changing conditions require radically changed ways of thinking in governance and management - that is, what we call Management innovation. The board then needs to function as a generator and not as a conservator. In this type of issue, we believe that Ekan's and SAV's collaboration can contribute to much good.

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