The road to important, real jobs

Labor market Adult education into The City of Gothenburg is responsible for coordinating labor market policy efforts on behalf of the entire city. As part of this, they run the project Important, real jobs with the goal of finding concrete jobs that lead to the right employment for those outside the labor market. Ekan Management role in the project has been to support the City of Gothenburg in the planning, implementation and follow-up of results.

A number of different activities have been carried out there The City of Gothenburg and the business community has crooked arm to identify new jobs together. Forty companies and a variety of public sector representatives have been involved in workshops and seminars where many good ideas, ideas and suggestions for work have emerged, and real jobs have been created.

“Meeting representatives of different companies, organizations and the public to listen to each other and ask questions is very important and we are extremely happy that we have been given this opportunity, while also committing to making the effects relevant and visible to everyone. The journey towards a better future for everyone outside the labor market must be stepped up and we will continue in various ways to find new opportunities to find Important and Real jobs. During Almedalsveckan we are organizing a seminar on the theme as we hope to raise the issue to a national level ”.

Jan Elftorp, Head of Administration at the Labor Market Adult Education

Labor market Adult education seminar on Important real jobs will take place on Monday, July 4 at 3:00 pm Almedalen.
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