The traffic office plans for an expansive construction period

Gothenburg is changing. Three major infrastructure projects, a new Hisingsbro, the immersion and overpass of the E45 between the central station and Marieholm, as well as the regional train project West Link, form a solid foundation. If a large number of development projects are then added, it is only to note that Gothenburg is in the midst of an expansive and exciting development. Of course, changes of this kind present major challenges for the Traffic Office in the City of Gothenburg, which together with the rest of the City of Gothenburg will ensure a functioning infrastructure in the city.

- We work closely with Västtrafik and Finnish transport Agency says Ma-Lou Wihlborg, Head of Daily Deliveries at The traffic office, Gothenburg City. Ultimately, those who move around town are not so interested in who is building, they just want it to work, and they know what is happening. To handle this, together with Västtrafik and the Swedish Transport Administration, we have established a cooperation organization, KomFram Gothenburg, where the parties work together to coordinate traffic flows around all the developments that are taking place.

KomFram Gothenburg's mission is to help projects and anyone else who needs to use the city's streets and other public areas for their operations. The three principals run a number of different projects, but the common goal is that Gothenburg will function in the meantime. Ekan Management has been involved and project facilitated the work of KomFram Gothenburg and supported in developing the structure and processes needed.

- It is easy to underestimate the difficulty of running collaborative projects with three different organizations. Each organization has its own structure, its own routines, its own language and its own culture. Although we operate in the same area, we constantly notice that there are differences in how each organization behaves, Ma-Lou Wihlborg continues. It is therefore extremely important that the consulting companies and consultants we work with have an understanding and experience of this complexity and we see that Ekan Management has this understanding and competence.

If you would like to know more about Ekan's assignment for the Traffic Office and KomFram, contact Christian Maloney,, 031-761 60 22

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