Volvo Cars new member of BBRT

Beyond Budgeting Round Table (BBRT) is an international network for shared learning. The member organizations strive to develop dynamic governance and management models that enable sustainable and high-performance operations in a changing environment. Within BBRT, organizations collaborate by sharing information on past successes and experiences and learning from best practice studies worldwide. BBRT is run by the Beyond Budgeting Institute (BBI).

From September 2016 is Volvo Cars new member of the network. September 29 arranged Ekan Management, the network's representative in Sweden, a meeting exclusively for BBRT's Swedish members. The meeting was held in Copenhagen with AP Möller Maersk as host together with Basico, the network's representative in Denmark.

At the meeting, AP Möller Maersk, among others, talked about his development work with creating a more dynamic governance and management adapted to a changing business environment. In addition to Volvo Cars, representatives from Klarna and Spotify also participated this time.

For those who want to know more about the network, upcoming networking meetings, and what opportunities a membership means, contact Rikard Olsson.

031-761 60 25

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