Webinar: From #!% system to Effective Decision Making

This spring, Ekan Management in collaboration with the Beyond Budgeting Institute and 1Company launched a series of webinars which deepens the knowledge within Dynamic control models. We have so far conducted 4 very well-attended webinars and now that autumn is approaching, we continue with new webinars.

We kick off on October 20 with Andreas Hagberg and Rikard Olsson. They elaborate on their experiences of how to translate management's actual needs into reports that lead to insightful discussions and thus effective decision-making.

More on the subject:

Why do so many managers and leaders find it difficult to absorb what the detailed monthly reports actually say? Why do so many organizations think they are not getting the full value of their investment in decision support solutions?

Many organizations (not all) start at the wrong end: "we need a new tool!", When the starting point should instead be - what do we need to know to be able to make informed decisions? To find the answer, we need to think about the required information given the management's different decision situations - which in turn depends on the business model, strategy and control model. Then follows the difficult work of excluding information in order to focus on, and visualize what is business critical and that requires management's attention for reactive and proactive action.

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