Wonderful dreams about Gothenburg - Seminar at the carnival in Hammarkullen

On May 28, the Hammarkullekarnevalen seminar for the third year in a row was arranged with contributions from the Hammarkullekarnevalen's friends, including Ekan, and from the Memorial Fund.

This year's seminar theme was The City of Our Dreams. During the seminar, young people from different cultures, environments and neighborhoods talked about how the city of their dreams looks and how they look to the future. Jonathan Falck (GP), Helene Odenjung (Municipal Board) and Alem Bennett (Rescue Mission) acted as moderators and had to try to ask questions themselves instead of being asked. During the seminar, discussions were held about prejudice, longing, segregation, burning interests and why Gothenburg is such a good city to grow up in.

After the seminar, all participants in the Hammarkullen sports hall gathered to cook lunch with the chef and food profile Dan Lexö. Food from all corners of the world was cooked in various stations and the exciting dishes then appeared in a large communal buffet. A selection of the dishes was Thai salad, Swedish gubbræ, Balkan salad and borscht from Russia.

With the seminar, the organizers want to show what opportunities that diversity offers and how these can help us have a more fun and tolerant everyday life all 365 days of the year when we jointly weave together the foundations of the carnival Tolerance, Joy and Community.

As one of the carnival buddies, Ekan has worked with planning, preparation and execution of the seminar.

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