Digitization of the community building process

Digitization of the community building process is a topical topic that affects many. Ekan Management participated in Position2030, together with representatives from among others Parliament, Building and Planning, Land Survey, business and not least a number of specialists within GIS, to contribute to the development towards digitization, standardization and with the entire community life cycle in focus.

At the stand at the booth Ulf Tengroth and Ann Palmér participated in many interesting conversations that give the issue power forward and broaden its aspects.

Ann Palmér also participated in a panel discussion on the topic "Business perspective and contribution to a digital community building process".

During the panel discussion, Ann was asked about the benefits of standardization in the community building process. Her response was:

- By having the same starting position and perspective on what data is to be passed on during the different stages of the community building process, the competence of the client increases. The client, who in many cases is the one who, after planning, planning and construction, receives the building and then manages it for many years, through the standardization, benefits greatly from a wealth of data ”.

If you are curious about what we at Ekan Management can support your organization with linked to community building, you are most welcome to contact Ann Palmér, ann.palmer@ekan.com, 070-600 85 21

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