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Beyond Budgeting and Dynamic Control

An unpredictable environment requires a Dynamic management strategy

Organizations need to reshape their governance and performance management processes to be relevant and competitive in today's rapidly changing business environment where leaders need to create more with less. A modern management model needs to go beyond traditional structures and processes to realize tomorrow's potential.

Beyond Budgeting is an umbrella term for ideas and principles that aim to look beyond traditional management according to command-and-control. In the traditional way of thinking, the budget must stand as a symbol of the shortcomings we see. What you want to achieve instead are relevant control instruments that continuously support the business's strategic orientation, and an organization with the capacity to continuously act in the direction of the strategy. The fundamental ideas behind this are that:

  • Our business environment is changing unpredictably
  • A business needs to be agile in relation to it's environment
  • Today's businesses are too complex to be controlled remotely, and in advance

Since the term Beyond Budgeting risks directing too one-sided focus on the budget itself, at Ekan Management we use the term more often dynamic control models. It reflects the breadth and depth of what the area is really about. As we see it, the conditions can be described through 6 perspectives:

Our offer

Our mission to realize dynamic control models in customers' businesses is permeated by these perspectives - from the current state to the implementation of a desired state. This is formed in close collaboration with the customer. The experiences from our assignments and from the member companies in the BBRT network show that the businesses that succeed best have:

  • A well founded knowledge of their own business
  • Understood the principles of dynamic management
  • Realized how to apply the principles to best support their unique business prerequisites and demands

As an independent advisor, Ekan Management contributes the skills, experience and resources needed to create sustainable results. Management innovation is our expertise and we are proud to be thought leaders in Beyond budgeting – agile management, organization and operation. Our main strength is to adapt to the situation and work with our customers' specific needs and conditions.

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Ekan Management is the official representative of Beyond Budgeting Institute in Sweden and part of the global consulting network Beyond Budgeting Advisory.