Area of expertise

Predictive forecasts and forward-looking analysis

Unpredictability and increased market complexity place increasingly demands on companies and organizations to act faster on new conditions.

At the same time, there is far too little time to discuss and implement measures that lead to the future. Overcrowded budget and forecasting processes are often singled out as the culprit in the drama. But time is really the least of the problems. It is much more serious with incorrect decision-making bases, lock-in effects and "rear-view mirror steering".

...two out of three finance executives expect their 2009 budgets to be obsolete within the first 6 months of the year, while 28 percent of finance executives reported that their budgets were obsolete even before 2009 began.
Source: Business Finance May/June 2009

There is a better way
Today's organizations contain a wealth of knowledge that is largely unused in forecasting. This is partly about the business and industry knowledge that the organization possesses, but also all the information stored in business systems and BI solutions. The potential to streamline and improve the quality of the forecasting work is therefore significant, but it requires a change towards "as we have always done".

The steering is in the gap
In order to use the forecast as a basis for decision-making, it must be distinguished from what we strive to achieve - the goals of the business. It is only when we make visible any gap between target and forecast that we have the opportunity to act prematurely. It may sound obvious, but it requires an effective forecasting process that is consistent with how the business and the surrounding world work. Something that many organizations lack today.

5-step model for business-adapted forecasting

Our offer
We support our clients in realizing a new way of working by:

  • Contribute with inspiration and open up to new solutions
  • Analyze problems and potential in current budget and forecasting process
  • Design an operationally adapted forecast model and process
  • Identify and implement appropriate IT solutions that make use of existing information
  • Implement the new process in the organization