Area of expertise

Training and practice in crisis preparedness and leading in a crisis

We live in a time characterized by high uncertainty and unpredictability where it is crucial for organizations to be prepared to handle crises. At the same time, a report from the trade union Ledarna to:

  • More than 1 manager in 4 lacks previous experience of crisis leadership
  • 3 out of 10 have taken some training in crisis management
  • 1 in 10 have practiced crisis leadership in their current organization to a high or fairly high extent

To help managers and organizations prepare for a possible crisis, Ekan Management offers a comprehensive solution through a combination of crisis exercises and leadership training. Our exercises are designed to simulate real crises and provide leaders and teams with the necessary training and experience to successfully manage a potential crisis.

In addition to our crisis exercises, we also offer leadership training that focuses specifically on training managers and key personnel within the organization to lead in a crisis. This training provides participants with the tools, strategies and skills needed for management to act decisively under pressure.

Through Ekan Management's crisis exercises and leadership training, organizations get:

  • Practical experience: Through realistic exercises, participants get the opportunity to act under pressure and make quick decisions in a controlled environment.
  • Leadership training: our training specialized in crisis provides managers and leaders with the necessary tools and skills needed to effectively lead their teams and organizations through the crisis
  • Identification of weaknesses: By conducting crisis drills, organizations discover potential flaws in their crisis plan and can work to improve them before a real crisis occurs.
  • Confidence and peace of mind: Knowing that you are prepared and having practiced crisis management gives leaders and teams confidence and peace of mind when a real emergency arises.

We tailor both crisis training and leadership training based on your organization and can adapt the content to address risks and challenges that are relevant to your business. We combine risk management expertise with proven leadership theories to create an effective training experience.

Contact us for more information on how Ekan's crisis exercises and leadership training can help your organization improve its crisis preparedness.