Area of expertise

Trust-based governance in practice

Unpredictability, increased complexity and digitization today place high demands on publicly funded organizations to develop in step with a changing environment. At the same time, a generational change is taking place where employees, with partly new expectations of working life, take their place in our organisations.

To transform challenges into opportunities, organizations that are able to harness the developmental power of managers and employees are required. Confidence in the individual's ability and competence thus becomes crucial in order to maintain and increase the quality of the publicly funded services. Here, the leader has a central role in creating the right conditions through leadership and control processes.

Creating trust in practice requires that leadership and control processes speak the same language. That there is a fit between what the manager believes in and communicates and what confidence managers and employees perceive through the organisation's governance documents, powers and responsibilities, planning and follow-up processes, and not least the direct response.

Our offer

Ekan Management has long experience of supporting publicly funded organizations with both leadership and employee development, as well as review and development of governance models, governance and management processes. We offer both point and long-term partnerships for major change efforts. Examples of assignments may be:

  • Fit analysis for evaluation of current control model and recommendations for solutions to strengthen confidence in leadership and control processes
  • Support, expertise, and project and change management when introducing decided solutions
  • Coaching and supervision of managers, managers and employees based on the purpose and goals of the business
  • Leadership training for both managers and the organization's leaders in various leadership roles
  • Efforts to strengthen employeeship and leadership, thereby increasing the conditions for active participation in the development of the business