We want to create tomorrow's reality

Ekan Management is a management consulting company with 30 years of experience in helping companies and organizations create the reality of tomorrow. A reality that looks different depending on how the business and its environment work and change. Sometimes the situation requires revolution - a total transformation of what, how and why. Much more often development is about evolution - to continuously question and improve the business and how it is led. Whatever the need, we help our customers move forward at the speed that the situation requires.

The company originates in Scandinavian management through a research foundation at the Gothenburg School of Business. The business was shut down by 1985 and Ekan AB was formed. Today, Ekan Management consists of about 70 management consultants. Operations are based in our Gothenburg and Stockholm offices, but we spend most of our time with our customers.

We take pride in our profession and in the confidence that our customers give us. This means, among other things, that we are an active member of the Swedish Management Consultancy Association (SAMC) and continuously certify our management consultants according to international standards where ethics and professionalism are honors.

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