Per Brantsing Karlsson Rejoins Ekan

Per Brantsing Karlsson rejoins Ekan Management on 1 February. Per is almost an institution when it comes to digitization and the property industry. And he now also belongs to a fine group of returnees at Ekan after ventures elsewhere.

Per started as a consultant, specializing in accounting and financing. After a few years as an economist in a real estate company, it was a given for Per to participate in the digital journey from ADB computerization to digitization. He has since developed experience and fostered an increasing interest in the consequences of digitization – both positive and negative – on company employees, processes, technology and security.

For about 20 years, in the role of IT manager, Per has developed and adapted both himself, colleagues, suppliers, technology and security to access the opportunities that digitization brings. The result is an IT organization for the needs of the future, and many new digital services.

Per brings to Ekan extensive experience in real estate companies – residential and commercial, private and publicly owned. Perhaps Per's main area of expertise is the real estate industry's processes and challenges. Especially in the context of the past 30 years of digital development. During these years, he has worked with countless requirements specifications, procurements and implementations, as well as management of systems linked to property company processes - both as a consultant and client.

Per has also had the role of Risk manager and developed a framework for information security (ISO 27002) as well as developed crisis models and processes for structured risk management.

Per's main driving force is the desire to constantly learn new things and the curiosity of how we humans can manage to adapt to a rate of development that our brains are not built for. One of our most important questions going forward will be how human interaction with new technology will be as good as possible. There is also a great interest in security where we constantly need to challenge established beliefs.

At Ekan Management, we welcome Per back into the heat after he was recruited by a client in 2003(!)