In this way, preparedness can be strengthened without sacrificing efficiency

On March 29, Ekan Management gives a webinar with the title From free choice to civil defense on the theme of how we can increase strategic supply readiness without paying for lower efficiency in ordinary operations.

Jessica Ahlström and Johan Frisack are management consultants at Ekan Management and will facilitate the meeting. We took the opportunity to ask Johan a few questions between two meetings:

This seems to be an area that there is a lot of focus on right now - what is going on?

The fact that we now have a minister for civil defense has contributed to an increased focus on our ability to handle disruptions in everyday operations and preparedness in a crisis. Another significant news is that the National Board of Health and Welfare has also been tasked with defining which products should be stocked.

it has not escaped anyone that the pandemic was a major challenge for municipalities and regions when it came to supply issues. A lesson learned is that the overall structures and strategic path choices made in the past were not sufficient to manage a crisis in a good way.

What will be covered in the March 29 webinar?

Among other things, we will talk about the fact that the next crisis will probably not look like the pandemic. Strategic plans need to be developed for something that is at least partially unknown. Erik Lagersten is director of Preparedness and Civil Defense in the Västra Götaland region. With his broad knowledge and experience, he contributes to the webinar both by challenging and giving examples of innovative and modern solutions. Among other things, some lessons learned from Finland

Why should you participate if you are responsible for strategic preparedness issues? 

In our previous assignments in the area, we experience that many regions and municipalities cooperate and develop their work on a tactical and operational level, but sometimes the strategic decisions are missing. With the seminar, we hope to create a space where those affected by these issues can come together.

Is this relevant to you? Register for the webinar! It is free of charge.