The consultant in Almedalen 2019

Visiting the Almedalen can be a tricky jungle among seminars, lectures and other kinds of events. That's why we at Ekan have put together a guide for those looking for interesting events to attend during the week.

Monday 1/7
8.15 | Real estate company and digitalisation - what does the plan look like?

Organizer: Business Arena

The real estate industry is slowly beginning to understand the progress of digitization. What digital action plan do the companies have today, tomorrow and in the future?

11.00 | How can we reduce our climate footprint? So does the world's climate city

Organizer: Uppsala municipality

70 percent of the world's population is expected to live in cities by 2050. This poses major environmental and climate challenges, but also opportunities. Together, the municipality, the business community and civil society can contribute to a sustainable transition by promoting sustainable lifestyles in collaboration with engaged citizens.

Tuesday 2/7
7.30 | Today's health and care - our digital challenges

Organizer: Region Jönköping County

The care is digitized, treatment and support in the event of illness take place via the network. Residents and patients participate digitally and sampling takes place at home. What specific challenges do we face? How should Health, Care and Care methods change as services become more digital and meet at home or on the move?

08.00 | How do we get more people to travel sustainably?

Organizer: Region Kronoberg, Region Jönköping County, Region Värmland, Energy Office Southeast, Västra Götaland Region, Energy Office Northern Småland, County Administrative Board of Gotland County, Karlstad Municipality, Region Gotland, Energy Office Sweden

Emissions from domestic transport (except domestic flights) should be reduced by at least 70% by 2030 compared with 2010. To achieve these goals, both changes in our travel behavior and the development of infrastructure, vehicles and fuels are required.

Wednesday 3/7
14.00 | An increased need for creative solutions in society - what does it take to succeed?

Organizer: Berghs School of Communication

The need for innovation and creative solutions is no longer limited to communication and marketing but is needed in all parts of companies, authorities and organizations. How do we communicate and act in a creative, efficient and engaging way in our operations?

16.00 | How can AI positively impact the world?

Organizer: Hewlett Packard Enterprise

The endless amount of data, better algorithms and models, and access to cost-effective computing power means that AI is no longer a concept but a reality.

Thursday 4/7
8.00 | Digitization for a smarter Sweden - focusing on challenges and opportunities

Organizer: Nowa Communications

Are you interested in conversations about how digital transformation can develop society in a smart and effective way? Then Digidalen is the place for you. Here you meet companies and organizations that are triggered by challenges and can share their experiences and visions of the potential of development.

9.00 | How can data and data-driven innovation solve our societal challenges?

Organizer: Dialogmakers, Renewal Lab at SVID

With a development in which the number of public resources in the public sector is decreasing and our welfare and social challenges are increasing, we must think and do something new. Open data can be an important resource for stimulating new innovative solutions. But what challenges and what data should be prioritized?