Business analyst with operational knowledge in a fast-moving market

Ekan Management developed and carried out a three-and-a-half-day training assignment at an automotive company with clear growth ambitions 

The client: An internationally listed company within Automotive with growth ambitions and a stated ambition to improve profitability. 

The client's challenge: The customer wanted to strengthen the employees' understanding of the connection between activities in the business and the financial results that the business performs. The employees wanted to increase their own understanding of how they could develop their business acumen and, with the support of that, contribute to better results. There was also uncertainty among employees about how the overall financial performance of the business should be interpreted.  

Our solution: Ekan Management developed a customer-specific training on the theme of business acumen and financial understanding. In short, it was about creating clear and comprehensible connections between the various activities carried out within the company and how their results turn into figures in the financial accounting. Another important element was to increase understanding of how employees can think in everyday life to analyze performance and drive profitability. The training was carried out with a mix of lectures and cases over three half days.  

The result: The participants experienced, on the one hand, an increased confidence to talk about financial concepts, and on the other hand, that their ability to link their own work efforts to the company's financial performance developed. In addition, their ability to analyze different action options and to prioritize between different activities was improved. Another clear result was that they developed the collective ability to communicate and discuss different options and resource priorities in the short and long term.