Effective hybrid planning for Agile and Traditional product development

Ekan Management led requirement setting, development, change management and introduction of tool support for activity planning adapted for a business with simultaneous agile and traditional product development

The client: The customer is a large international technology company that develops and manufactures world-leading products.

The client's challenge: The customer needs to be able to allow freedom of choice regarding agile working methods and traditional working methods at group level, and at the same time to be able to control and plan development with common decision points, milestones and deliverables at an overall level.

Our solution: On a general level, the challenge lies in combining the strengths of tools adapted for traditional project planning with case management tools. It is important that the two dimensions interact effectively and do not limit each other. To succeed in this, the planning process and the structure used for planning must be carefully defined.

Ekan Management worked together with the business and system provider to ensure that the tool was configured, tested and implemented based on relevant business requirements. The key to realizing the concept quickly was working on a prototype basis. Through a close, intensive and focused collaboration between operations and system supplier, an almost immediate iteration between requirements and configuration was achieved. As a bonus, we also received accelerated change management.

The result: Planning and follow-up of the business's development activities is now adapted according to the needs and preferences each group has (agile/traditional) in order to carry out their work in the most efficient way, but also allows one to ensure decision-making, control and maturity growth in the development work at an overall management level. a desirable way for them.