Successful carve out in automotive

A business carve-out means establishing a new company from scratch based on a defined part of the existing business. The income is often secured in the short term, but on the other hand there is a big problem of drawing boundaries, everything needs to work immediately, and often you have to ensure that hundreds of people can work effectively from day 1.

The client: The client is part of an international automotive group and is located in a dynamic mobility cluster.

The client's challenge: The client wanted to streamline part of their business and incorporate it through a carve out. This is usually done to scale up the business and broaden the customer base, spread risks and costs for investments, and to make the business more agile and fast-moving.

The challenges for the client were to:

  • Value and move all assets and secure legal agreements
  • Provide for new premises and equipment
  • Ensure processes and systems for Purchasing, HR, and Finance, etc.
  • MBL-negotiate and move personnel
  • Transferring current contracts and agreements entered into

Our solution: This type of assignment is multifaceted, but some of the most important parts were to:

  • Change managers and employees - to create a positive feeling about the carve-out, to make everyone want to go in the right direction and to persevere.
  • Valuation of assets, negotiations between owners and transfer of assets between ownership constellations.
  • Secure future operational methods, transfer the IT environment at the lowest possible costs, and create the system environment of the future that supports the new business.