3 steps for more appreciation and higher salary

Many focus on raising their salary. Tips on payroll strategies hail this year in day and evening press. If you ask me, there is an unbeatable three-stage rocket that leads to more appreciation and higher pay. Although it takes a year, this tip beats everyone I've read about in any newspaper:

1. Accept the salary offered to you at this year's audit, and explain that your focus is rather on how you can create value for the business going forward.

2. Familiarize yourself with the situation of the owners / board of your business. Inform yourself about decided tactics and strategy. Investigate what makes the top management stay awake at night. Find out what your nearest manager values most and identify two, three things in your job together that are important for the business to achieve success and profitability.

3. Now focus the coming year on these two, three focus areas. Prioritize your work so that most of your energy is spent developing your organization in these areas. Communicate your work on the basis of your focus areas on an ongoing basis and discuss sensible division of work with regard to what is strategically effective.

Maintain this and you have done what you can to look forward to a fantastic salary call next year. You will not need any direct conversation strategy. It is more difficult than that.