Can intelligent assistive devices revolutionize healthcare?

Large organizations, especially in industry and e-commerce, generally get better and better at introducing different types of control mechanisms when it is realized that the more things that can Going wrong also makes it the end. The control mechanisms help with everything from controlling the amount of material to a factory to the predetermined tolerances of robots and machines. Computer systems can also warn if someone tries to perform an unauthorized operation, such as sending an order with incomplete information.

What would happen to the quality work in healthcare if similar control mechanisms were introduced to a greater extent even there? We see a wide range of applications. Automatically controlled medicine cabinets, more self-guided technical equipment with predetermined tolerances to avoid error dosing, built-in warnings and stops in medical records so that important information can not be forgotten, etc. Technology that, in addition to the safety aspect, would also give a severely burdened care staff a better work environment and more time for the patient.

We are convinced that both industry and healthcare have a lot to gain from strengthening cross-sector quality work that enables the exchange of different skills and experiences. Intelligent aids in healthcare are just one of many examples. We will do what we can to connect our customers closer together and look forward to contributing to smart solutions for increased quality in both industries.

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