Clear the tubes with clarity

When management fails to describe the whole and the conditions, when the requirements and goals become unclear and when working methods, directives and decision-making paths do not work together - then uncertainty is created. Then we tend to turn inward and stop worrying about the next link in the chain. One person I work with expressed it very well the other day:

"When it storms the most and the managers can't explain or describe how something should be done, they send the signal: focus on what YOU do - YOUR area"

She said this stated - because the effect of it, if it can go on for too long, is that the business's value-creating flows are torn apart. Each one focuses on their work and does not want to fall into the searchlight in the hunt for bottlenecks. But the effect is just that: We all become part of an increasingly tight bottleneck.

For efficient flows, everyone needs to contribute to the whole by focusing on the end result. The holistic perspective means that we must put total value creation above all - before our own performance sometimes. Our contribution must be adjusted to the flow - not to stick statistics or budgetary goals.

The prerequisites for this are clarity regarding goals and how they are achieved. Not least, it is important on the part of management to clear the road free of obstacles and to contribute to decision-making and working methods that are in harmony with value creation. Examples of deficiencies that create uncertainty and downpours:

  • Responsibility is demanded for the uncontrollable
  • The forms of decision are constantly changing
  • The work process and delivery requirements are not clearly defined
  • Obvious bottlenecks are not handled - the debt is distributed collectively
  • Management does not succeed in verbalizing its priorities

Negative drainage effects are thus not always a matter of organization or attitude in the business - often management can solve some of the problems by critically evaluating the conditions for which you are responsible.