The digitization that has taken off

It is clear that digitization has taken off after many years where the feeling has been our business cannot be digitized. The market now seems to realize that the expectations of customers and employees require that large parts of the business be digitized and automated. We are in a transformation phase and in some industries the differences between different actors are large.

“It is immediately noticeable when someone makes a bet and it starts to move. The player who was previously a little behind can suddenly take a giant step and offer digital services that are far ahead of the competition. "

We are currently working with a managing real estate company that has recruited new people in key positions. The direction of increased automation and digital service is sunny. As usual for major changes, the internal discussions go hot - some drive impatiently, while others slow down. In this case, however, we see how the conditions fall into place to quickly realize digital solutions to previous manual services. The reason is a convinced leadership that does not falter in direction and priority, and who dare to invest. Not least, it is obvious how cost-effective it will be when consensus and trust are available - time can be spent on investigation, development and strategic decisions, rather than on persuasion campaigns, track changes and set times.

It is with excitement that we now have to be part of this customer's big step into digital service delivery!

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